Dry shampoo and why I love it!

Dry Shampoo
Photo source: Alive Skin Hair

This month’s featured product is my absolute favorite! It’s the dry shampoo from the evo brand, called Water Killer. I tend to have oily hair and scalp, but I lighten my hair, so I don’t like to wash it very often. This product is perfect, it gets rid of the excess oil, is a styling spray, and it gives me a bit of texture (which fine haired people need).

This particular dry shampoo is for straight haired folks only! It comes out with a white color to it, so you’ll have to brush it thoroughly through your hair to get the proper effect from it. I’ll talk about the steps I use on myself, and hopefully, these hairstyling tips will work for you as well.

When I use this product, it’s after I’ve showered and blow dried my hair. I begin by spraying Water Killer along my part, and then I spray it from my part to the ends of my hair. Next, I start at the crown of my head and gently lift up small horizontal sections and spray the product directly at the root. I repeat this until I’ve reached the nape of my neck. I then flip my head over and brush the product through the hair, flip my head right side up, and brush some more. This process assures that my hair will be completely covered.

This technique is also great for prepping hair for a wedding or special event style. Oftentimes, the fine, straight hair has a hard time holding a curl, but using the Water Killer on the hair (along with a great hairspray), will allow for a curl on even the straightest of hairs.
Again, I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product, it’s more than my favorite, it’s one of the products that I can’t live without!