Curly Hair Styling Product Tips

Devacurl Angel Hair Gel for curly hair styling
Photo source: Beautyzip

I absolutely love the Devacurl brand products for curly hair styling! Not only do they do great work on fighting frizz, maintaining moisture, and allowing for incredible shine, they are definitely affordable.

As a hairdresser, my favorite so far has to be the Angel light hold styling gel. I use it on wet hair that I’ve gently towel dried; I put about a half dollar sized amount in my hands and work my hands together. Then I scrunch the hair up (gently) from the tips toward the roots, being careful not to “overwork” the hair because this will cause frizz. Then I’ll put my client under the hood dryer to dry (you could just let your hair air dry).  After 10-15 minutes, I’ll finish up with the diffuser.

The gel acts as a setting lotion, so it’s important to allow the hair to dry completely. Once the hair is dry, you can then feel free to move it around a bit because it has already been set. If you do this too soon, the frizz will show itself, so be patient! Unless it’s going to be a rainy day, you’ll be able to enjoy bouncy, frizz free curls all day. I hope that any of these curly hair tips have been useful. Enjoy!