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Seeing Peaches at the Crofoot!

Peaches – Source

This month I went to see one of my favorite musicians, Peaches, perform at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac. If you’re unfamiliar with her music: think quasi-rap, over the top, sexually explicit lyrics, backed up with pounding danceable beats all crafted by her. Peaches also happens to be a bit of a style icon for me, wearing avant-garde futuristic clothing combined with funky fresh hair along with having hysterical back up dancers in similar gear.

I was pleasantly surprised with the space at the Crofoot – excellent for seeing any kind of music show. It’s cozy, fits fifteen hundred people maximum, clean, and filled with a friendly, professional staff ready to deal with the typical high energy crowd with a few drinks in them ready to party.

Case in point, my friends and I had a couple of drinks, and at the end of the show wanted to run out to the car to get our concert t-shirts to have them signed by the amazing Peaches. The security staff was so cool with us going back and forth, it warrants me to mention it. We actually went out a couple times, and each time we were met with smiles and understanding instead of the usual “grumpy” antics of the quintessential concert venue security staff.

I will definitely be back to see a show there! The space is great, the bartenders are quick, and the drinks are very reasonable! Also, if you ever have a chance to see Peaches in concert, go for it! You’ll dance, and laugh your booty off. Overall, my experience was memorable and fun, so go check out this space!